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All tracks written and produced by Javi Aguilar as follows:

0- Demiurgo talked to Javi Aguilar about creating an album (just for laughs)

1- Awfully recorded by Javi Aguilar at Pandora's Vox

2- Noticed that indeed, it had been awfully recorded

3- Cooly and cleanly recorded at home

4- Reamped and recorded at Pandora's Vox

5- Mixed by Javi Aguilar in his chabolo (at home)

6- Mastered by Pedro Viñuela at Nexo 101 Studios

- Artwork & Design by éduartDesign -


released March 26, 2015

Quiero agradecer a todas aquellas personas que han contribuido en mayor o menos grado a la creación de este primer disco.

A Leire, por haberme apoyado y confiado en mí en todo momento y haber aguantado todas mis tonterías. Leire: GRACIAS.

A mi hermano, por ser el sufridor estoico de, entre otras cosas, el sonido de sierra que hacía de fondo cuando estaba aprendiendo a tocar la guitarra eléctrica. Alberto: GRACIAS.

A mis padres, por haberme dado una maravillosa educación. Los quiero mucho. Papá, Mamá: GRACIAS.

A Edu, amigo mío, por haberme hecho un trabajo profesional y haber tenido paciencia con mis cambios de parecer. Edu: GRACIAS.

A Eu, mi GRAN Maestro, compi de batallas y amigo, por ser quien ha motivado que me haya picado aún más fuerte el "gusanillo" de la música, de la composición y de la producción. Si hay una persona a mencionar eres tú. Desde que empecé con el proyecto Peepall has creído siempre en mí y me has animado a llevar mis habilidades AL LÍMITE, y es por eso que hoy puedo decir - muy orgulloso - que este proyecto lleva (gran) parte de tu firma. una persona que hace que saque la mejor versión de mí y me lleva al 200% de mi capacidad creativa. Por todo esto, y por la inmensa cantidad de lo enseñado y aconsejado: MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS.

Al proyecto Peepall y en especial a su creado, Eu Román, va dedicado el tema "People"




Bware Madrid, Spain

Virtual band formed in june13 by Javi Aguilar. This is a personal project aiming the enjoyment and personal fulfillment of myself, being nothing but a "Gone of Ball" or "ida de bola" (crazyness).
Case of stopping by, pls post in our fcbk wall "Ida de bola toa loca" (Crazy crayness) and we would know you were interested (bored) enough to inquire into the mysteries of this humble project.
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Track Name: Beware Of The Dog
Dark side of the moon,
No one has seen it yet
Though he knows it’s there
Waiting for a click

Quiet and shy boy,
Has been in no fight
But slowly eaten all the mud
Spread by everyone else

Always giving a chance
Tainted many times
He’s realizing most people
are worth a shit

Do you own the world?
Who you think you are?
The greatest guy in this
Place or what the crap?

Don’t mess with me
You prick, you fool
You mean nothing but a
Damn fucking shit to me

Time has arrived
You start to listen to me now
Myself is out
Beware of the dog
Beware of me
Track Name: Graveyard Five
This is graveyard five
You’re all welcome
All God creatures
Come here with us

Nightmares will grow
Upon your soul
Sure you’ll become
Great friend of ours

This is where I was born
Here i got my fears
This is what I’ve not shown

All over this years -
I’ve been gathering
All this fog inside myself

Now you’ll understand
The way I really am

Tic tac tic tac
Tic tac tic tac
Tic tac tic tac
Tic tac tic LET’S GO!

Do you feel pleased here?
Have a seat be my guest,
I guide you through this place, don’t fear
This is my cave, my cozy nest

What’s all of this, you sick
Is this for real?
I don’t like to be here
Now it’s strange when you’re near

Track Name: DK
We listen to the radio
Watch the news
Build our mind
We have to choose

Need truth to review
A right we don’t have
We are told what they like
To them we’re just a laugh

So why are you convinced?
Do you really believe
All this bloody means
Spreading lies to you and me

You and me know nothing
We will never know
Achieving real truth,

I know nothing
That’s what I know
Know what it means?
Frustration, you’ll feel

I know nothing
Nothing at all
You and me

You defend your own thing
Can’t you see
As I see
It’s just embarrasing

So what to believe?
Media? Conspiracy?
Information today’s not real

Track Name: Discouraged
Finding your way out,
Overcome the storm,
Now you are ready to
Become ‘nother worm

Eager to take part
In this modern world
Look now for a job
You are full of hope

This quest for your life
Which you’re excited for
Gets you applying 24/7,
This is harsh

One day your phone rings,
What are you calling for?
You are the one, let me know,
If you’ll work for us
Hours spent there
Yeah, suffer, suffer,
You feel discouraged,
Accept it, you haven’t

Hours spent there
What’s the point of it?
This is not fair
Won’t be a part of it
Wouldn’t imagine this
Why have I studied for?
Get paid to be a bot
I’m underrated, i feel so wrong

Welcome to real life
That’s what they tell me all
Unacceptance turns rage,
And this rage, sadness has become

Once you’ve accepted this
Sadness will be gone
You do your job
And later enjoy when it’s done

Track Name: The Dictator
We live in a world now full of dirt
Oil and greed new common sense
We got to stop now, or else we’re dead
But I have a plan, you have no defense

Thinking of corporations and
Politicians, leaders, big fishes?
That’s not by far the main huge problem
Guess what, you must now leave that big cage

Little thinks big has to be destroyed
But Little could just be more perverse
Small scale excuse is why im annoyed
Little does not know he’s worse

The Dictator is finally here
I don’t care whether you like me or not
You can do nothing about it
Now I’ve come to rebuild this rotten place

The Dictator is finally here
You work hard and you’ll be rewarded
Workers are new standard to aim
Lazies you’ll be prosecuted

You rob us and you will pay the debt
You work hard and you will have the best
Mornings are for development
And evenings you must amuse yourself

Don’t cross the line, or else you’ll regret
Dictator is good but not silly
Our people must last so don’t forget
Do good and just form a family


Bridge + Crescendo

Track Name: People
Track Name: Modern00b
Wearing gramma stuff
Earings that you never wore
What are matching clothes?
You don’t understand, no, no

Disney style tattoos,
Your little sister drawed
Different colour sneakers
Competition to class A Dumb

Mainstream, we are not
I knew this band before
Condescending of course
Be as freak as possible

Are you wearing old stuff?
Do you have an iPhone?
Buy yourself a Reflex Cam
Use it auto mode on

Shitty coffee in Starbucks
Check out your Facebook page
Turn off TV that thing
Is for loosers don’t you see

Spend a lot of money
Pretend you didn’t so
Wear glasses with no glasses
Modern00b you’ve become

Vintage is so cool
Antique stuff, cooler, dude
Dress like a cromagnon
You’ll be the boss in your gang

This is great non-sense
Don’t be such a fool
If all turned this way
Acting normal, would be cool